If you are reading this, you are truly blessed.

And I mean that in the most awe-inspiring way. Being here, now, on this page, represents a level of luxury and privilege you may not even be aware of.

It’s easy to dismiss the commonplace aspects of our lives as inconsequential, mundane or boring.

But when you really think deeply about what’s actually going on — the true nature of your reality — your life takes on a whole new texture, a more vibrant colour and you realise that things you take for granted are in fact beautiful gifts.

Here’s the trick; instead of getting sucked into the small-minded, agenda-driven, energy-sapping stories sold by your Facebook newsfeed, FOX News, Celebrity lifestyle bullshit — step back, scale up and take a macro perspective on the reality of your life:

Luxury of Knowledge

You are alive in the most technologically advanced society that has ever existed, you can access the world’s information at the push of a button, and the information is freely distributed to everybody on the planet, not just the elite, educated or privileged.

Luxury of Health

You are living in a time where most diseases are curable and the human lifespan is the longest it’s been in the history of mankind — and where advances in stem-cell technology, DNA synthesis and Nanotechnology have the realistic potential to double the human lifespan within the next 10–20 years.

Luxury of Safety

Despite all the fear-mongering news stories, right now is the most peaceful period in human history, there is less war, conflict and global animosity than at any other time. Don’t believe me? Would you rather it be 1943? Or 1610? Or 3000 BC?

Luxury of Experience

You are alive on a planet that has exactly the qualities required to support your physical & psychological existence; you are the perfect blend of star stuff, and you exist on a planet, in a galaxy whose random formation of particles allows your human body to breathe consciousness into physical experience.

Luxury of Habitation

You live in a time where the planet you inhabit has not undergone a mass extinction event for millions of years. Your planet is (still) in a state of balance between birth and death that fully supports human habitation, and provides all conditions required for life to thrive.

Luxury of Life

Your Sun is the perfect distance from your planet to allow life to exist and thrive — and is in a rare million-year stage between its birth and firey, destructive death; where it will explode and envelope planet earth as it goes Super Nova.

Luxury of Universal Conditions

You are living through an even rarer million-year period where the universe has the perfect balance of matter & anti-matter, gravity, expansion and conditions to support the basic building blocks of life on planet Earth.

It’s All About Perspective

So you see, when you shift your perspective, the things you worry about tend not to matter so much. Do you get that? Can you see how incredibly fortunate you are to be alive, in this experience right here, right now, today, in this moment…

You are blessed. You are lucky. You are fortunate. And you have so much to be grateful for.

Spend some time today being expansive with your reality. Think macro. Scale up. It will help you to put your life into perspective, solve small problems and help you move through the little troubles and tiny things that can so often throw our lives off course.

And with enough perspective, they are all tiny things.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels

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