Passion is huge for entrepreneurs, as it’s what keeps you burning when everything else says slow the f*ck down! and the self-defeating thoughts creep in.

For me, the passion has to be bigger than yourself and needs to be about providing VALUE to others. If you’re passionate about business, it’s likely that the core of that drive is to help people live better lives, use better products, be healthier, happier, more connected etc etc.

Another way to look at Passion is to think of WHY you want to build a business. Most entrepreneurs (and brands) know WHAT they’re selling, WHO they’re selling to, and WHERE they’re located – but they miss the critical component of WHY they want to be in business in the first place.

No-one can compete with your WHY, so it makes competition irrelevant. Understanding this can help remove mental barriers too, as it focuses you every day with a reason to get up, hustle and get it done.

A more systematic approach would be to look at the crossover between these 4 areas:

1. What you’re good at (skills, attributes)

2. What the World needs (what problem needs solving?)

3. What you can get paid for (make sure there’s a commercial payoff)

4. What you enjoy (hobbies, talents, passions)

The sweet spot at the centre of this – draw it up as a Venn digram – will help define your WHY and is likely going to be not only a great place to do business, but something you are innately passionate about because it fits multiple aspects of your life.

Remember too that Passion is a life-long quest! What you’ll be passionate about in 5 year’s time may be different to what you’re into now. But that is the joy of this entrepreneurial journey.

Don’t get too stuck in not starting because you don’t know what your passion is – often it unfolds as you take action, see results and grow yourself and your business. Just get going and your path will reveal itself.

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