I once read that the quickest way to earn a Million Dollars is to solve a Million Person Problem. So imagine what you could do with a Billion Person Problem!

That’s 5 Billion to be exact.

By 2021, the number of internet users will grow from three to eight billion, adding five billion new connected consumers to the global economy – in just five years.

As X-PRIZE CEO, bestselling author & tech-company entrepreneur Peter Diamandis puts it:

“These ‘rising billions’ represent tens of trillions of new dollars flowing into the global economy. And they are not coming online like we did 20 years ago with a 9600 modem on AOL. They’re coming online with a 1 Mbps connection and access to the world’s information on Google, cloud 3D printing, Amazon Web Services, artificial intelligence with Watson, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and more.”

Peter Diamandis

How has this come about? It’s largely down to massive investment from, as Diamandis explains, “Facebook (Internet.org – drones and satellite constellation), Google (Project Loon – helium balloons), and Qualcomm and Virgin (OneWeb – Satellite constellation). Their aim is to provide global connectivity to every human on Earth at speeds exceeding 1 Megabit per second. Google Loon actually deployed working balloons and OneWeb closed $500M in capital to build its system.”

Thanks to these and other projects, more people will receive high-speed internet over the next 5 years than there are online today!!

So, let’s pull this back down to reality and try to understand what this means for business. We’re effectively talking about adding 5 billion potential new customers to the digital marketplace. On top of the 3 billion already online.

That’s a hell of a market opportunity!

But the question is – will you be in a position to capitalise on this growth? By which I mean, are you leveraging digital technology to provide the solutions that this expanding digitised economy demands? What kind of solutions?

Well, for starters:

  • Basic digital skills such as setting up email accounts, using twitter…
  • How to create websites & social media profiles
  • How to start & build an online business
  • How to advertise & market on platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc
  • How to leverage digital business models like Affiliate Marketing
  • How to use the internet as a platform to share ideas, passions & causes that matter

Why these types of solutions? Because the world has changed, and the internet now provides an opportunity for ANYONE to start a profitable business that is instantly global, lightweight, can be run from anywhere and creates passive income that puts money in your pocket while you sleep, travel, play and live life on your own terms.

The Digital Gold Rush is a term coined to explain the explosion of technology in our modern digital world, and how that has created a “rush” of opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur – much like the American gold rush of the 1800s.

And who made all the money in the gold rush? No, it wasn’t the miners (sure they took away plenty of spoils), it was the businesses that sold the tools to the miners – the picks, shovels, carts and mining equipment.

That was the big business opportunity of the day, and today the digital gold rush is no different.

In the digital economy, it will be the businesses positioned to provide the tools the market needs – digital skills, websites, business systems, affiliate programs & online marketing education. These are the tools that make the digital economy tick.

And YOU can be on the leading edge of the economic boom.

But only if you’re positioned to take advantage of this game-changing shift. Imagine being there, ready and waiting, tools in hand, able to help 8 billion people learn about the digital world and how they can create their own businesses, change their lifestyle and achieve more time freedom, more flexibility, more adventure, and more of the things they love (the benefits of digital, “always-on”, passive income businesses).

I don’t know about you, but to me, this smells like a once-in-a-generation opportunity. It’s truly a modern-day Gold Rush.

It’s hard to deny that this will have an immense impact on how all of us are able to build incredible businesses and create positive change in the world.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re excited to be of service to 8 BILLION people who need our help to make their lives better.

So what can you do to take advantage of the incredible windfall of opportunity coming your way thanks to the internet revolution…

If you have a business, you’re already a step ahead, and learning how to market that business more effectively will give you the stability and growth you need to be an industry leader as the economy demands more of your services.

If you don’t have a digital business – start one! There has never been a better time to get started online, and the digital economy is growing at an exponential rate. As the traditional economy continues to decline – a 9–5 job is not as secure as it used to be – the digital economy is on the rise. In a massive way.

Smart entrepreneurs are taking advantage by learning the skills they need to build highly flexible, profitable online businesses; skills they can then promote as new consumers come online.

If this piques your curiosity, you can learn more about how to start and build your own profitable online business in my complimentary 7-day video series. Simply drop your email below for instant access.

In summary, a new economy is on the rise and there is a massive opportunity for you to get involved at the ground floor, positioning yourself to build an incredible business over the coming years.

With the right tools, training, systems and know-how you’ll be the one helping solve the Billion Dollar problems of the future.

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