Don’t “Fake it Til’ You Make It”.
Instead, “Fudge It Til’ You Nudge It.”

When you’re reaching for high hard goals in your business, sometimes they can feel too far away from where you are for you to really tap into the felt sense of what accomplishing these goals feels like.

And the downside of that is that often when selling the offers that will help you attain your goals, any lack of confidence, self-belief or authenticity comes through your energy when you approach prospects.

It’s subtle, and sub-perceptual — but your prospects can pick up on whether YOU believe in what you are offering
And this, I feel, is where “Fake it til you make it” can go wrong for agency owners, particularly when first starting out.
When you haven’t made a sale, convincing someone to buy a high-ticket program can bring up all kinds of self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, mindset turbulence etc.

And faking it only compounds these negative aspects which shows up as poor results, zero sales, despair and even imposter syndrome.

Yes, there are some A-type hard-chargers who can pull this off. Don’t get me wrong, faking it absolutely works for a select few.

But for the more introverted, heart-centered, INFJ personality types, it can be disastrous.

So WTF do I mean by “fudge it til you Nudge it”? – cos it sounds ridiculous.

Let’s look at how this might roll out.

Now I’m going to preface this by suggesting this is an approach most suited to those getting started, who need to step into a successful future self persona that gives them the confidence and correct energy to authentically position themselves to their market – when they aren’t already successful (as determined by their own goals and definitions).

Say you’re aiming for $10k per month in your startup agency. This is a pretty common starting goal, and you can actually get there relatively easily, it might be only 2-3 clients on a high-ticket offer.

So the goal is still a stretch, but it’s achievable.

The problem I have with “faking it” (for a goal like this), is that it tends to elicit the idea that you need to pretend to be a 7-figure earner, dripping with cash, balling in your lambo… when you haven’t made a single sale yet.

For our specific goal, I don’t think you need to step that far into the future.

And I think it’s actually detrimental to do so.

That’s too much of a believability stretch – for your market – but more importantly for yourself.

If you don’t genuinely believe you are that person, it will come across in your energy, your marketing, your copy; everything will reek of falsehood and desperation.

Especially if your prospects push you for evidence right. You have none, and this can be disastrous for your business, but also for your ego and mindset. Losing sucks, and it can amplify any prevailing negative self-beliefs, and take you down a non-beneficial spiral.

However, instead of trying to act like a 7-figure baller, how about, instead, you step into the shoes of someone who’s made their first sale. Stepping into the belief that you earn $10k a month, have a handful of clients, and serve them well, is a far closer reality.

And that should mean you can “fudge” that character (or persona) much more authentically, than over-reaching to a higher-level future persona.

If you haven’t made a sale, you can fudge being someone who’s closed a deal. If you haven’t taken a client through your program, but you know it’s a killer program, you can fudge the benefits and imagine the results your clients will get.

This will feel much closer aligned to where you are, and you’ll therefore be more able to present yourself authentically to your audience.

Then once you get your first couple of clients, you’ll be nudging your $10k/month goal. Even if you land one client, you’ll get a sense of nudging your goal — getting close enough to touch it.

Can you see how this is different from “making it”?

You are on your way, and you can build confidence as you draw closer to your goal.

You can build confidence by picking up little wins along the way, rather than needing to have “made it” to feel successful.

Once you hit your $10k/mth goal consistently for a few months, you now have the confidence to scale, and you haven’t had to fake it, or get into any feelings of imposter syndrome, self-sabotage or any more serious chronically negative mindsets.

By stepping into more realistic future personas (whilst maintaining high hard goals that motivate you to drive forward), it can be easier to transition your way from $0 to $10k, to $50k etc without feeling disingenuous along the way.

And you’ll still be able to stretch your goals, and set bigger more audacious ones whilst maintaining alignment with your core values, beliefs and self-perception.

Fudging is more incremental than Faking, and in these days of organic, authority marketing approaches, it’s more important than ever to present yourself authentically.

Fudging keeps you authentic, whilst allowing you to step into your next best self.

So that’s “Fudge it, til you Nudge it”!! What do you think?

Is this a useful way to approach short-term goal attainment?

I’d urge you to run the experiment and see if this mindset shift helps you feel more confident and authentic in your outreach and marketing activities.

Go Fudge yourself! 🙂

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