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If you're here, you've probably felt overwhelmed, stressed & anxious from time to time (maybe a lot of the time). In a nutshell, stress is a result of not being able to handle what's going on around you - the daily pressures of school, work, commuting, relationships, money... When you get stressed you can feel a loss of control, uncertainty and even despair, depression & anxiety...

What's really going on, as you can see in the diagram above, is that the amount of stress (Chaos) exceeds your capacity to deal with it. This puts you into a state of necessity (narrow focus, short-term thinking, poor decision making) & challenge ("life sucks", "I don't know what to do", fear, uncertainty - everything feels like a battle you are not equipped to fight).

But that's ok. Really. Life gets like that sometimes.

However, you do not want to get stuck in the stress state for long periods. It's awful for your mental health, immune system and biology.

Ideally, you want to be living in a state of Freedom. Over here you'll find clarity, control, focus & confidence. To move to the Freedom state, you increase your capacity (how much stress you can handle) so that the chaos is within the bounds of what you're equipped to deal with.

How do you know which state you're in? Easy! Fill out the scorecard

How It Works

Fill each cell with your score for that item
Complete all 7 Self-Sabotage Dimensions
Complete for all 12 Life Areas
Sheet automagically colours each cell 
Red Cells are your ideal focus areas
Green Cells represent your strong areas
Yellow Cells are secondary focus areas

The scorecard is a pre-formatted spreadsheet that you fill in by ranking yourself in response to 7 questions on a scale of 0-10.

*Now, a quick note: there are no right or wrong answers, and a 0 does not necessarily mean you are performing badly. Everything is relative, and a low score may be totally fine for what's going on with you and your life at this point in time. So yeah, don't stress - just answer honestly & intuitively.

The questions relate to 12 Life Areas - so that you get a wholistic picture of your life - you'll be doing great in some, and maybe not so great in others. That's fine. This is not about judgement, this is purely to provide an indication of where you are at right now - so that you can get laser-focussed on the areas that will deliver the greatest transformation for you.

Once you've completed each section, you'll see some aggregated scores and % markers. This is what you'll use to determine which life areas, and which aspects, are critical for you to look deeper into.

Use the scorecard to assess how you're doing in relation to your goals, dreams, desires, beliefs about yourself, and the general direction of your life.

Are you on track? Have you hit some roadblocks? The scorecard will highlight areas of focus so that you can get things back on track, moving powerfully towards your ultimate vision.



You're on a mission to transform your life... but you need a clear, focussed pathway to get you from where you are to where you wanna go.

Completing the Chaos Capacity Scorecard will identify key areas for you to focus on - this is your critical pathway. The Scorecard highlights the Life Areas where you need to put in the most work, as well as the mechanisms of transformation - do you need more Coherence? Confidence? Conditioning?

This is your personal blueprint for rapid change. Awesome! But now what?

Here's what... We're gonna jump on a private 20 minute call and explore your scorecard results!

Together we'll get to the heart of what's going on for you right now, and assess your next best steps to getting where you wanna go & becoming who you wanna be.

This is gonna be fast & furious, the aim here is intensity - we want to get you moving purposefully towards your goals & taking massive action.

That all starts with booking in your call by clicking the big-ass button below...

Do it. Do it now! ðŸ’ª

I'm excited to jump on this call & co-create your transformation with you.

See you on the other side.

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