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Chris McLean

Online Courses

Learn from the comfort of... well... somewhere comfortable!

Learn from anywhere with online courses & training Programs

Whether you want to build better habits, grow your business or improve your self, I’ve created practical, easy-to-follow and implement online programs to help you get from wherever you are to wherever you wanna be.

Master Yourself, Your business & your life with practical training

A lifetime of experience meets cutting-edge training

I've studied what works, and figured out the rest over 20+ years building businesses. I've trained with leaders in personal coaching, exponential change, peak performance and traditional martial arts.

certified master life coach

Chris G. McLean

Habit Funnel™ Strategist & Coach

Which Online Course is right for you?

Quantum Coaching™

Explore your invisible inner world to create rapid self-transformation.

Habit Funnel Coaching™

Learn how to design and install habits that stick fast, and forever.

Chaos Control Coaching™

Transmute the shock & chaos of 21st Century life into predictable success.

ecomm business Coaching

Learn the 10 habits of successful 8-figure eCommerce stores.


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