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A new Approach To Rapid Habit change & formation.

build long-haul habits fast & forever

I’ve spent my entire adult life on a personal quest of self-mastery; and it’s a quest that will never end.

My coaching approach is a synthesis of everything I’ve learned along the way. From habit formation and business growth, to human behaviour, altered states and peak performance, my method is built on the shared principles of personal success, ancient wisdom and practical psychology.

a Bespoke methodology synthesised from The Science of Self-Mastery.

The Funnel Habit Method

How to funnel hack your subconscious to build long-haul habits that don't suck

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The Habit Funnel Method

by Chris G. McLean

Which coaching program is right for you?

Quantum Coaching™

Explore your invisible inner world to create rapid self-transformation.

Habit Funnel Coaching™

Learn how to design and install habits that stick fast, and forever.

Chaos Control Coaching™

Transmute the shock & chaos of 21st Century life into predictable success.

ecomm business Coaching

Learn the 10 habits of successful 8-figure eCommerce stores.


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