Do you ever feel bad for taking a day off?

For Resting?

For sleeping a few extra hours here, taking a hot bath there…

Turns out, if you’re doing these things you’re a flow hacker!

How does taking a day off increase performance?

It turns out taking deliberate breaks from the hard stuff of life is a genuine peak performance hack!

Release from struggle and deliberate Recovery are actually necessary phases of the Flow process.

It’s the down time that kicks Flow into high gear.

Slow Down to Flow Down

Having a “day off” is actually a necessary part of hacking the flow state. It’s called the “Release” phase of the cycle.

You start by going through struggle (the hard, boring stuff) – then release (take a walk, shift your mind from the problem) – then that’s when flow state shows up – you’ll then crash and enter a “Recovery” Phase.

So short version, you must build Release & Recovery into your productivity to maximise flow states.

Steven Kotler (Flow Research Collective) is the man at the pointy end of this stuff – check out his way better explanation below…

The Flow Cycle

Struggle > Release > Flow > Recover.

As illustrated above (thanks to another rock star of Flow, Jamie Wheal & the Flow Genome Project) the Flow cycle must include relaxation phases.

Kinda like the rubber band in a slingshot, you’ve got to relax it in order to load it up again.

Make Release & Recovery a part of your routine, and know that it’s necessary to access flow – because when you’re in flow it’s shown to increase productivity up 400% and you get massive hits of feel-good neurochemicals that enhance focus, creativity & inspired action.

It’s ok to rest and recover. In fact it’s mandatory 🙂

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