Annihilating Self-Sabotage


You're on fire, everything is going well... and then... BAM! you derail yourself.

WTF! Why do You do this? what does it mean? and how do You fix it?

In this training we'll explore 12 types of self-sabotage so you know what to look out for if it starts to show up in your life. Plus we'll unlock the killer fix that annihilates self-destruction once and for all.

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Action Steps

Identify Any Self-Sabotage
Complete The Self-Sabotage Analysis Exercise

Lesson Resources

Rabbit Holes

Course Lessons

The What of Intention

What is Intention & Why Does it Matter?

Re-Calibrate Your Mindset, BS & Habits

Fundamental Mindset, Belief & Habit Protocols

Annihilating Self-Sabotage

Understand Self-Sabotage & How To Conquer It

Practical Mindfulness & Tactical Gratitude

Upgrade Your Mental Toolkit

Chris McLean

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