Re-Calibrate Your Mindset, BS & Habits


It's time to Expand your Consciousness & Fix Your BS! (Your Belief Systems)

In this training we'll Explore Fixed vs Growth Mindsets, Locus of Control, Expanded Beliefs & fundamental ways of thinking that the world's elite performers tap into to Accelerate Mental Performance, success & access to flow.

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Complete Chaos Capacity Scorecard
Complete LifeLine Timeline
Complete Burnout Inventory Manual
Complete Psychological Burnout Immunity Tool

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Course Lessons

The What of Intention

What is Intention & Why Does it Matter?

Re-Calibrate Your Mindset, BS & Habits

Fundamental Mindset, Belief & Habit Protocols

Annihilating Self-Sabotage

Understand Self-Sabotage & How To Conquer It

Practical Mindfulness & Tactical Gratitude

Upgrade Your Mental Toolkit

Chris McLean

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