Practical Mindfulness & Tactical Gratitude


Learn How To Deploy Mindfulness & Gratitude Tactically To Strengthen Your Mindset Muscle.

This is the Practical day-to-day way to become more mindful, expand your self-awareness & consciousness so that you're more able to catch those moments of tension before slipping into negative or unwanted behaviours.

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Action Steps

Practice Daily Mindfulness
Choose 1-2 Gratitude Practices to Deploy This week

Lesson Resources

Rabbit Holes

Course Lessons

The What of Intention

What is Intention & Why Does it Matter?

Re-Calibrate Your Mindset & BS

Fundamental Mindset, Belief & Habit Protocols

Annihilating Self-Sabotage

Understand Self-Sabotage & How To Conquer It

Practical Mindfulness & Tactical Gratitude

Upgrade Your Mental Toolkit

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