Exclusive: LIVE Mindset Training [Launch Pad]


UPDATE 18/03/21: I was fortunate enough to be invited to present many of the concepts covered in this program with the members of oliver duffy-Lee's launch pad agency mastermind in the uK.

With permission, i've added the exclusive access recording of this live session for you here inside the Mindset masterclass program bonuses!

thanks to oliver and his members, it was an absolute pleasure. And i hope that this provides some deeper insights and perspective on what you've learned in this program.

Download Session Slides

Click to grab a copy of the live training slides PDF

Lesson Resources

  1. Oliver Duffy-Lee & Launch Pad

Launch Pad is where agencies come to grow. We take agency owners that are billing less than £5k/month, and help them scale to £20k+++, in a way that means they only work with clients they love, and actually get more time back in the process. Want to find out more? 

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