The Dark Side of Flow & Self Sabotage


Have you found yourself succumbing to the errors of flow? From self-sabotage, guru syndrome and inflated expectations, to bliss junkies and the watchtower effect, there are down-sides to flow we need to be aware of.

Action Steps

Complete The Flow Junkie & Self-Sabotage Analysis Exercise

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Rabbit Holes

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Flow & Recovery

Explore The Back-End of the Flow Cycle

Gettin' Gritty With It

The AntiFragile Mindset Revisited

Intentional Chaos

VUCA & The External Flow Triggers

Group Flow

The Power of High-Flow Teams & Tribes

The Dark Side of Flow

The Dark Side of Flow & Self Sabotage

High-Flow Checklist

Your Peak Performance Checklist

Chaos Control

Program Recap, Review & Results

Week 6 Challenges

Your Week 6 Comfort Zone Challenges

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