Read a scintillating sleep study looking at the effects of sleep on immunity… 😴

The study cohort had their noses stuffed with rhinovirus (common flu) and were closely monitored as symptoms arose and persisted.

2 weeks prior to infection groups were split into groups – under 6 hours sleep, 6 hours and 7+ hours.

The results?

The sub-6 hour group had a 50% infection rate.

The 7+ hour group… just 18%!!

A good 7-8+ hour per night sleep regime is tightly coupled to higher immunity.

The study also found that dropped hours of sleep (and the corresponding immune activity) cannot be “made up” later by getting more sleep another night.

What does this mean?

A consistent sleep and wake schedule (ideally 7-8 hours) significantly enhances your body’s immune response.

Sleep is an active state folks!

Your body goes to work when your lights go out; with less cognition to manage, the parasympathetic system can get to work rebuilding and protecting your vitality.

Make room for it in your schedule.

As in, schedule 8 hours of sleep into your calendar, and work everything else around it.

This is the epitome of “winning the battle before it is fought.”

Adequate sleep is pre-hab for your immune system.

And who doesn’t enjoy sleeping more?!

Go catch some zzzzz’s 😀

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