"A life worth living is forged in the fire of chaos!"

Create Daily Rituals That Unlock Flow To Get Clarity, Confidence & Control Of Your Business, Lifestyle & Legacy.

The Intentional Chaos Coaching Program is an intensive peak performance training designed to help business leaders thrive under stress, adversity and uncertainty.

Are You Overwhelmed By The Uncertainty of Juggling Your Business With A Healthy Home Life, Mental Well-Being & Financial Security?

It's Tough. I get it. I'm here to help.

I've combined the most powerful elements of private coaching & online training with scientific research to produce a peak-performance coaching experience designed to accelerate your success, without the stress.

This is an intensive peak performance training designed to help business leaders Battling Distraction, Uncertainty, Self-Sabotage & Stress.

You'll get the tools to improve your daily habits & rituals, get mission-focused, make more money and develop the ability to dial-up flow states & intentional mindset at will!

How Does Intentional Chaos Coaching Work?

The Program Has 4 Main elements That Accelerate Your Success.



You’ll work one on one with Chris McLean, a certified Master Life Coach over eight weeks. Coaching session will be rich deep-dives into topics, personal discovery and will push you to where you want to go—and far beyond.



Over eight weeks, you’ll master the world’s most cutting edge, science based strategies for achieving peak performance in business and life. My approach will help you produce real results fast—freeing up time, reducing overwhelm and spending your entire workday in intentional flow!



Each week you will be forced to confront your comfort zone, your fears and all the BS that's been holding you back, as you undertake challenges designed to expose your body, mind and spirit to new levels of discomfort - in order to jack up your tolerance for stress & ability to maintain control under duress, adversity & shock.

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Outside of your coaching calls you'll have priority access to Chris for Q&A via private WhatsApp, Messenger etc. I'm here to hold you accountable to completing the activities each week, as well as to guide and support you throughout the eight weeks - and beyond.

Based on cutting-edge Flow research:

500% Productivity Increase

+3 Days Creativity Enhancement

+490% Skill Acquisition

+480% Problem Solving Ability

What Results Should I Expect From Intentional Chaos Coaching?

Clarity, Confidence & Control


Know where you're going and how to get there - plug into your personal GPS.

Superhuman Stress & Risk Tolerance


Become "AntiFragile", increase stress tolerance to become more adaptable & actually grow stronger from adversity, chaos & uncertainty

Ridiculous Productivity & Hyper-Focus


Eliminate the competition by getting more done in a day, than most do all week.

Insane Skill Acquisition, Creativity & Problem Solving


Build competitive advantage by spending your entire work day in flow.

On-Demand Flow States & Intentional Mindset


Spend your entire workday in that hyper focused zone, doing what matters and say goodbye to distraction.

Annihilate Self-Sabotage, Uncertainty & Overwhelm


Remove sub-conscious blocks & gain total control over your state to be fully present across all areas of your life, with those who matter most.

Assemble A Pandemic-Proof Lifestyle


Develop a life system built on Flow & AntiFragility that protects the downside and amplifies readiness, capability & opportunity.

More Space & Freedom in Your Life


So you have more time to Think, Learn & Grow. Focus on what ignites your fire!

Intentional Chaos Coaching is for you if...

You’re a business owner, with responsibilities beyond your business who wants to find a way to increase performance, profit & success whilst creating more space for family, friends & all the stuff that makes life worth living.
You’re tired of feeling exhausted, stressed out, crazy busy, chaotic, unclear & overwhelmed by the pace of modern life and you want to find more clarity, confidence & calm to get more done in less time, and focus on high-value work.
You get paid based on your ability to use your brain to solve problems (entrepreneurs, agency owners, creatives, knowledge workers)
You're a self-selected leader & high-performer but you feel like you're leaving results on the table by being pulled in different directions and never having the time to focus your attention on the things that will genuinely push the needle.
You're a few years into your business and you're beginning to feel like the business itself is taking on a life of its own, and it's not what you originally planned! The business Vision and your personal Values are starting to feel unaligned.
You want to reclaim time freedom & create better work/life alignment to spend quality time outside of work, whilst managing to grow your business.
You know you want more out of life but you just don't know what you need to do to take things to the next level.
You're so focussed on growing your business that you've forgotten to take care of your health, wellness, relationships or personal energy - and symptoms of stress are beginning to show - or worse, are turning into disorder and disease...
You're already crushing it and want to optimise your daily habits & rituals to drive even deeper concentration, flow states and more creativity, inspiration & productivity.

How Do I Know Intentional Chaos Coaching Will Work For Me?

Intentional Chaos Coaching is based on cutting-edge research done by some of the world’s leading academic institutions…

McKinsey found a 500% increase in productivity by executives who regularly accessed flow states.

Harvard found subjects to have THREE DAYS of heightened creativity after the flow state.

Advanced Brain Monitoring & Darpa found subjects to have a 490% increase in skill acquisition.

The University of Sydney found subjects to have a 430% increase in creative problem solving!

This is a serious program, for serious folks chasing real results.

Why Enrol In This Program?

Dear Business Leader,

Growing your business is all about paid ads, great software & a killer funnel… right?


And probably not for the reasons you’d expect. 

Yes, you gotta have some killer marketing & sales to grow your business. Duh. 

But there’s a massive BLOCK to success that many simply don’t see as the ACTUAL problem that is holding them back from the success and security they desperately want. 

Many are blind to what’s really going on... 

Here’s what most business owners think grows their business: 

[-] Ads 
[-] Killer Sales Funnel 
[-] Creative Marketing 
[-] More Clients 
[-] Better Website 
[-] Chatbots 
[-] Posting on social media 
[-] Tik Tok 
[-] High-End Video Production 
[-] Project Management software 
[-] Outsourcing 
[-] Higher Margins 
[-] Bigger/Better Team 
[-] Working Harder 
[-] Doing it All themselves 
[-] Dumping more money into the Business 

Sure this stuff is cool, and important, but here’s the deal… 

None of this matters if YOU are the thing holding your business back. 


Let me be even clearer: YOU are holding your business back!! 

You and all your BS. 

Your business cannot grow beyond: 

What you BELIEVE about yourself
What you FEEL you deserve
How CLEAR you are on where you’re going
Your capacity to manage STRESS & UNCERTAINTY

How does that resonate with you? 

Like you’ve been sucker-punched in the face by Conor McGregor? 

Good. If it hurts, you’re ready for the truth... 

Here’s what is ACTUALLY going to grow your business: 

[+] Mindset
[+] Optimised Daily Habits & Rituals
[+] Mental Fortitude
[+] Personal Confidence
[+] Clear Vision & Mission
[+] Clear Values & Beliefs
[+] Deep Focus
[+] Insane Productivity
[+] Enhanced Creativity
[+] Being "tapped in" to Inspiration
[+] Working in Flow
[+] Leveraging Masterminds
[+] Investing in Yourself

And yes, a bunch of business intelligence, marketing, sales, creativity… and all that jazz. 

But that’s just the bare essentials. Everyone else fighting for your clients has those same skills - or can easily find a $37 course that will teach them how... 

What they don’t have is the right mindset, diligence and capacity for stress management that you get from working on yourself first. 

When you improve yourself, you improve your business. 



I know what it’s like to be tied to my business. Like your whole identity is the Business!  

When the business does well, you feel great! 

But when it sucks…. Well, you suck! And you take a massive hit to your confidence. Ufffff. 

I’ve been there. I’ve had those painful conversations with friends and family when they ask “How’s the business going?” And it’s going terribly, but you wanna seem all proud and optimistic and shit, so you make up some bullshit about “Oh yeah, it’s going ok, bit rough, but yeah we’re growing, next month is looking real good”. 

But next month isn’t looking good is it? 

And you swallow that bitter shit down and expect to go to work on Monday pumped??!! 

WTF. This is insanity, right?! 

How is feeling shitty about yourself gonna grow your business?? 

And so the cycle goes... 

Business down - You down.

Business up - You up. 

But what if instead of having your emotions led by what the business was doing, your business was being lead by what YOU were doing? 

You improve YOUR Productivity -  the business gets more productive... 

You change YOUR money Mindset - the business makes more money... 

YOU become more Confident - customers start chasing You... 

You get Clear on YOUR Vision & Mission - you land that dream client (over and over and over…) 

How would running THAT business feel? 

Pretty f*cking great right! 

And here’s the kicker… ready? 

Once you get this part right, and then you layer all of the sales tactics, hacks, funnels blah blah blah - guess what happens?  

Exponential growth. 

Because YOU’VE MADE YOURSELF ready, your business is ready. 

Now your business is chasing YOU - not the other way around! 


You’ve created such a crystal clear Vision of where you’re going, and you’re so confident that you can pull it off no matter what - that your business has no other choice but to make that happen for you. 

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s the real deal. 

THIS is how you’re gonna get from 5- to 6-figures, to 7- and beyond. 

You CREATE YOURSELF first, and your business will follow. 

Now you’re on a goddamn Mission - not just working to pay the bills. 

You’re Clear, Confident & Proud of what you’re building. 

No more “faking it til you make it”. 

No more imposter syndrome. 

No more sleepless nights worrying about how you’re gonna cover those supplier invoices. 

Real sustainable growth. 

But even better than that, a genuine KNOWING & TRUST that you can make this happen. 

And finally having the security and peace of mind that affords. 

If results like these are something you can benefit from, click the damn button and let's goooo... 

Here's Just Some of What You're Gonna Learn In Intentional Chaos Coaching...

You'll get the tools to improve your daily habits & rituals, get mission-focused, make more money and develop the ability to dial-up flow states & intentional mindset at will!

Intentional Chaos, Flow & Becoming AntiFragile


How to discriminate between different types of stress, and actively engage in challenges that push your boundaries and trigger growth.

"Via Negativa": Acceleration Through Reduction


Sometimes growth requires removal of what's been holding you back, that you're hanging onto due to subconscious attachment.

The 6-Phase Intentional Transformation Process


Understand the 6 dimensions of self, and how to propel yourself through the Transformation process through whole system integration.

Mastering the 3 Worlds:
Aligning Body, Mind & Spirit


Connect and align your physical, emotional and mental worlds for clearer thinking, more balanced emotions & activated biology.

Ditching the Distraction Bitch & Finding Hyper-Focus


Learn to find focus & drive deep attention by sanitising your technology environment, and ditching your addictions.

Clear, Confident & In Control: Becoming Mission-Focused


Create your ideal future self and build new goals and aspirations that you can step into on a daily basis to pull your future forward.

Consciously Creating a High Flow Business & Lifestyle


The ultimate flow hacking protocol! Build daily rituals that elicit Flow states and build conscious containers to express & experience deep flow.

Assembling Your AntiFragile Life: Thriving Beyond Resilience


Take control of your life with a life system that turns stress & uncertainty into powerful growth. You'll learn to thrive & design your ultimate life.

Ready For Your Next Level?

Program is open for a limited intake only.  Submit Your Application Now!

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to submit an Application?

This is an intensive training program and when we work together, we go deep and immersive - that means you need to be 100% committed to doing the work and showing up to get the most out of the program.

If you're not willing to submit a 5 min application, maybe this isn't the program for you. 

However, If you're truly sick of staying stuck where you're at, ain't nothing gonna hold you back from doing whatever it takes to move the needle towards your dreams. 

Right? Let's go!

When will I get access to the Coaching Program?

Once you submit your application, you'll book a call with Chris to review your application & see whether this program is a good fit for you. If it is and you want to move forward, you can get going instantly once payment is received.

You get Lifetime Access to the program including future updates.

Is Intentional Chaos Coaching an Online Training Program?

The program is based on Private 1-on-1 intensive coaching sessions. The program also includes some training which is delivered online and via virtual calls (zoom). All coaching & training is recorded for you to review at any time.

Recorded sessions, additional materials & content will be made available on a private Google Drive folder.

What software will I need?

Coaching calls are conducted on Zoom (or similar) or via Phone.

A private Google Drive folder will be made available for you to access content, downloads, recordings and other course materials.

How do the Coaching Sessions work?

Coaching sessions are designed as intense containers to deep-dive your personal goals, ambitions, fears, doubts etc. as well as provide new ideas, information, techniques & tactics to help you live your best life.

60 min sessions are held weekly - with a 90 min onboarding call to get you setup and optimised for success in the program.

Do I get any other help outside of coaching calls?

Absolutely! You will have a hotline to Chris for Q&A, homework, challenges etc along your journey. This is an integrated training and coaching program and I'm here to support your journey with as much support as you need to get the most out of the material and to hold you to a higher standard, to guarantee your success.

About Chris McLean

Your Intentional Chaos transformation Coach

A Certified Master Life Coach & Ho'oponopono practitioner, Marketer, Podcaster & Entrepreneur (and self-confessed Flow Junkie), Chris works with Self-Selected Leaders who are seeking the next evolution of their personal, business or career transformation.

Creator of the Intentional Chaos Protocol™, Chris helps Business Owners & Leaders to install transformative life change by developing daily habits & rituals that allow them to grow stronger from setbacks, chaos & unpredictability.

Following more than a decade of searching for the big answers to the big questions to get himself out of chaos, Chris brings vast experiences from business, marketing, life design, health & wellness, mental programming, coaching, mentoring & martial arts into his work.

Program is open for a limited intake only.  Submit Your Application Now!

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