How Do You Determine Your Most Important Work?

What’s the stuff that, if you did it every single day, would accelerate your most audacious goals and create the most phenomenal output you’ve ever experienced?⁣⁣

Here’s a list of questions to help you identify the work you should be doing daily to push the needle on growing your business.⁣⁣

1. List out all of the tasks and activities that you do regularly in a typical month, and identify the main tasks that you are responsible for.⁣

2. What do you get paid to do? What is the MAIN THING people expect you to deliver?⁣

3. If you could only do ONE of those activities every day, which one would add the most value to your company?⁣

4. Which one activity, that if you completed it, would make everything else you’re doing redundant or unnecessary?⁣

5. Which is the task that, if you completed it, would most dramatically increase your OUTPUT per unit of INPUT (allow you to do more with less)?

⁣6. Run through these again and think about the 2nd & 3rd most important tasks…⁣⁣

By the time you complete this assessment, you’ll have an incredibly high-octane task list of the work that’s going to go the furthest to growing your business.⁣⁣

Next step — Execute Your Top 3 Tasks Every. Damn. Day.⁣⁣


Block out time on your calendar dedicated to accomplishing work on these tasks.⁣⁣

Do not compromise on these time blocks.⁣⁣

Remove all distractions and interruptions and go hard at completing deep work on the activities you’ve identified.⁣⁣

Do this consistently and you’ll start to see 5X, 8X and up to 30X improvements in output — and therefore, related improvements in revenue opportunities.⁣⁣

This is the secret sauce of elite performers.

⁣⁣Get at it!

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