Are you focussed on what’s been taken away, or what you still have left?

Many of us are finding life harder right now. These are “unprecedented” times – to borrow from the lame stream media – and the world is in a state of rapid change, that is undeniable.

How we reconcile this experience depends on the meaning we choose to attribute to it.

I think we are always accountable to ourselves, not just in times of hardship, although tough times force us to dig a little deeper, ask different questions and reveal our hidden nature. Who are we when the lights go out? When the distractions fade away?

Do we lean towards vices, or victories? Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Or has someone taken away our rights to have a glass at all…

How you perceive these events is determined by the meaning you make about them. Is this the worst thing that’s ever happened? Or is it an opportunity? 

All of us are having to manage with less right now. Less outside. Less freedom. Less social interaction. Less work. Less income. Less stuff.

But does less equal lack? Or is it an opportunity to understand abundance?

What is your “less”, really? If you’re reading this, you have a computer, internet, a roof over your head. Food, water, safety.

I write this grateful to have means of expression, access to free publishing to a global audience, a mind that can think, learn, create.

A chair to sit on, oxygen in my lungs, clothes to keep me warm.

These are privileges. And I am grateful.

I choose to be accountable to myself – to make meaning that supports growth, to edit my dialogue to project possibility, opportunity, abundance.

It’s easy to slip into self-sabotage, negative self-talk, excuses, laziness, acquiescence (I am talking to myself here, but maybe it resonates) but doesn’t it seem like this makes things harder?

And it’s hard to step into fear, to commit to accountability, to maintain diligence, to choose growth, but doesn’t it feel like this makes things better?

They say calm seas never made a skilled sailor. These be rough seas for sure, and there be dragons!

Are you going to take hold of the wheel and sail the ship? Or simply float away on the tide.

The meaning you make of this situation, of any situation, will either empower or disempower you.

And gratitude is an awesome source of power. Recognising the gifts that remain, even when so much has been taken.

Sure, it might be hard. But so what? You were built for this! You are the latest in a long line of survivors. Thriving is in your nature. It’s who you are.

So thrive! Pick your head up, recognise your gifts and crack on.

Be accountable to your energy, seek to uplift your spirit, be aware of your thoughts and try hard to catch the ones that aim to lead you astray. See them and sense them with care and compassion, but let them go, then drown them in the antidote of positivity, growth and possibility.

The more you do this for yourself, the more you uplift those around you.

Raise your frequency, seek gratitude and move forward with courage. We need you.

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