Meet Liam Casey from LMC Growth (marketing agency) & Lead Gen Agency (SMMA coaching business).

LMC Growth Marketing Agency primarily serves the real estate industry working with residential real estate sales professionals as well as real estate investors and developers.

We have a motivated buyer and seller lead generation system and offer Facebook messenger, email and SMS follow-up systems.

Lead Gen Agency SMMA coaching helps marketing agency owners dial in their offer/service as well as how to deliver on that offer and get results for their clients.

We also help with client acquisition strategies, systemizing and scaling, building SOP’s and hiring VA’S etc.


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Episode Transcript

Chris McLean 0:01
Hey folks, this is Chris McLean Peak Performance and transformation coach back with another episode of the peak performance and predictable growth show the peak performance show for creative agency owners, founders and leaders, where we explore the agency journey from those at the coalface of the industry. My guests help unlock and dissect strategies, tools and tactics that are working right now to help you deliver better results for your clients and grow and scale your agency to six and seven figures and beyond. And today, my guest in the studio is Liam from both LMC growth and lead gen agency. And on the marketing side of things, LMC serves a real estate industry with Legion systems. And on the coaching side, Liam also helps smma agencies dial in their offer deliver results, as well as scale and higher, so they can grow their businesses. Liam, got a lot of stuff going on. I’m excited to jump in and hear more about what you do. Thanks for joining me on the show.

Liam Casey 1:01
Thank you so much for having me. And thanks for that.

Chris McLean 1:03
It’s my pleasure, pleasure. So take us through what you do. You’ve got some money, you got marketing on one side, and then on the other sides, you’re also helping smma agencies to grow their businesses?

Liam Casey 1:18
Yeah, absolutely. So at my agency, I’ve been running my agency for just over two and a half years now. And we’ve always always served the real estate industry, primarily residential real estate, either like seven individual residential real estate sales agents, or working with entire agencies primarily doing seller lead generation. Also work working with a few like developers here and there, or real estate land investors doing by buyer lead generation, and a few like property management, property management lead lead generation. But yeah, just kind of delve into the real estate industry, just real estate, real estate client acquisition essentially. And then yeah, on the coaching side of things, kind of about July last year, I started to dabble in coaching and putting together a programme for other agency owners around primarily focusing on like going into great detail with the actual service delivery and marketing strategy side of things, and also of personal branding, strategy, building systems and processes. Hiring VA is all that all that good stuff. Great. So that that’s essentially the stuff that you’ve been able to do in your own business. And you sort of got that process, you’ve got that system and they are able to teach that across to do is a particularly agencies focusing on the real estate side are committed to drop any any niche into that that system. Yeah, so like, right, right now, like the way that my personal brand is, is structured, and like the way that that I bought the course content, they will tell from like the service delivery side of things and the like actual advertising strategy. It’s more geared towards the real estate niche, but everything other than the actual ads and marketing strategy is completely compatible with any any niche from like client acquisition, sales, prospecting, content strategy, or the systems building and processing side of things. That’s all relevant to any niche. Yeah, cool. So how did you was real estate something you intentionally chose? Or was it something you sort of stumbled across? How did you pick that as the the place to focus your business, um, I definitely intentionally chose it, it wasn’t any like out of any kind of

real like, passion or anything for real estate, it was just one of the like, when I when I came in, when I was kind of going down the rabbit hole of the smma business model, it was one of the nations that kind of just made the most business sense to me where it’s a high ticket transaction. And in terms of just the value of an acquisition of a customer, for the for the client, at the end of the day, it made sense for us to sustainably charge a high retainer and provide value as opposed to lots of other different, lots of other different businesses that were kind of being positioned and introduced is a good, it’s a good niche to go into. So yeah, I kind of I knew that niching down was was important. And so I thought to just not waste any time and just pick one that I thought made the most sense and run with it. And yeah, worked very well. Yeah.

Chris McLean 4:30
And how did you find that challenge of? How do you do when you’re running something like, lead gen force for an industry like real estate, there’s legislation, there’s certain things you can and can’t say, and all that kind of stuff? How did you develop that sort of expertise so that you can make sure that you’re saying the right things, you’re not getting ads banned, or that kind of thing. So just something you sort of work out as you as you went along.

Liam Casey 4:56
It’s actually one of the nations where there isn’t that much restrictions on Facebook and policy guidelines and things like that when compared to like lots of different ecommerce nations or like medical related nations or like, you know, different types of, I don’t know, cosmetic devices and things like that. Real estate is pretty stock standard. And there’s a in the US and Canada, there’s some restrictions, like directly built in with Facebook, where housing is considered a special category. And so they’ve got some restrictions of like targeting and things that you can do. But in Australia, those restrictions aren’t there. So, yeah, it was just kind of just being in the industry and doing the marketing, just seven industry. All those kind of things just became apparent. Yeah,

Chris McLean 5:45
yeah. So been running two and a half years now. How are things going? In terms of growth scale? Are you are you sort of a one man band still? Are you? Have you got vas? Have you got a virtual team? Have you been able to sort of scale your business to keep up with the growth of your business?

Liam Casey 6:03
Yeah, so I’ve got a virtual team, kind of like a bit of a hybrid VM model, I’m still scaling. And I’m looking to take on the more of a kind of like, a traditional full time, role soon, who’s more of a kind of project manager, slash media buyer type role. But everything that I’ve done up until this point, has been just kind of systemising every everything with with phase, I’m still kind of playing the kind of, yeah, I guess, project manager role and managing virtual assistants and assigning tasks and things like that. But yeah, that’s, that’s how I’ve been doing things. It’s just with virtual team. Yeah.

Chris McLean 6:44
Yeah. So what has that been the biggest challenge for you in employment? Two and a half years to grow? It’s quite quite an accelerated sort of growth? What what’s been the biggest challenge? What have you sort of really had to overcome as being the tactical stuff, the hiring the team stuff? Or is there been sort of mindset and motivation stuff that’s come up for you along along that path?

Liam Casey 7:08
I definitely think it’s the, the mindset side of side of things, like just mental barriers to make decisions to do different things like, definitely with with, with hiring people into the agency has made a big challenge just in from a mental roadblock of just like the commitment to Okay, like, Who am I going to? Like, how do I choose the right person? And how do I train them up? And how much is it going to cost me, but actually, like, I had those kind of same limiting beliefs, beliefs before I like, hired my first virtual assistants. So it’s like, cuz when you’re running a business, like, everything’s hard, like you’re doing hard work every every single day. And so it’s not necessarily that you’re doing work that’s more hard. It’s just making decisions that, that challenge you at that at the end of the day, which have been the biggest struggles.

Chris McLean 8:03
Yeah, I think that’s one of the things that business or people that entrepreneurs and people that start businesses kind of maybe don’t recognise, it is actually pretty hard. And just because there’s, it’s more, there’s just a lot to juggle and there’s a lot of things that tend to come up that you don’t necessarily expect regarding just going to start a business or start serving clients. But then there’s emotional stuff that comes up there’s, as you said, limiting beliefs and stuff that maybe you hadn’t triggered before it start to show up so there’s a whole there’s another layer to sort of the process and the battle that you got to face so what sort of how did you get yourself through that stuff? Was it just sort of what what are some of the tools or techniques or techniques that you apply to allow yourself to then shift shift some of those beliefs make those decisions make tough calls,

Liam Casey 8:52
I definitely think I’ve been able to build a really great kind of support network and community around me of other entrepreneurs and business owners and mentors. And having that is invaluable and so I’ve always got like a few key people that I can that I can go to to ask questions that are further along in their journey. So that’s definitely been a huge help. I definitely think that like lots of different books here and there just kind of practising and giving you different frameworks of self awareness to peak like to give yourself a different lens to look at giving you a perspective of self awareness to look at your thoughts and go Okay, like why am I thinking this? Is it so many belief like, what information is this basically from Why am I doing this? Psycho Cybernetics is definitely a book that had a big impact on on that for me. So yeah, I think those are the two main things just good good books like that. But having a support network and mentors around you who are helping Have Been there already?

Chris McLean 10:01
Yeah. Yeah. It’s a brilliant book recommendation actually. So I guess it’s Psycho Cybernetics. Maxwell. maltz something like that next. Yeah, man. Really good book for anyone out there. That’s, you go. Yeah. Maxwell maltz boom. Yeah, really, really solid book for? Yeah. All the stuff you’re talking about that belief systems and sort of how I’ve been more into the biology in there. So the the neurology of how that

Liam Casey 10:29
works. Yeah, like I’ve never been like super like alternative thinking or like spiritual. But like when I was kind of getting introduced to the concepts of manifestation law of attraction always like a bit a bit sceptical and a very logical not like scientific book kind of yet a lot more logical thinking. And books like that put just a logical and scientific explanation behind why manifestation and, and the law of attraction is a real thing and like it, it just perfectly explains that stuff.

Chris McLean 11:04
Yeah, dad put puts universal laws in a different context more a bit more of a mechanical, psychological. So the system’s approach, how that what that stuff is and how it works and what it’s triggering inside you, inside your brainstem and all that kind of good stuff. So that’s actually a really interesting perspective. And did. Do you find that that’s that distinction between saying things like meditation and gratitude and mindfulness as these kind of Western, so as the sort of Eastern concepts, which is what we there’s a tendency to go, when you talk about law of attraction and anything kind of outside of ourselves as a tendency to go towards Well, that’s Western. So that’s decent, as Buddhism, that’s a bit spiritual. That’s a bit if that if that doesn’t resonate with you, it’s good. I like that you’ve found a way to access that stuff in a way that works for you. Because essentially, it’s all the same stuff, is how, as you said, it’s the lens that you put on it, and the meaning that you apply to it. So what was it? How else have you sort of found that that connection between going through your path going down that process of building business things coming up for you, and then sort of having to find that pathway through wave, you’re trying to, you’re approaching it from your own perspective, and finding a way that that makes sense for you, rather than going down the path of? Well, everyone says, it’s this thing over here. But for me, that doesn’t make sense to have, I guess, having that, that capability to find the thing that that makes sense to you to help you move through things like that.

Liam Casey 12:47
Yeah, I definitely think that, um, I still, I definitely still do it. But I, it definitely earlier on, when I was, in the early days of executing on this business model, it’s really easy to constantly wanting to, because the way that people get introduced to this business model, and lots of these kind of online, money making side hustle type business models, it’s like people selling courses, and like people selling the laptop lifestyle on the side hustle kind of dream. And you get really like attached to these personal brands, and you get introduced to it. And it’s really easy to want to just fall in this mindset of copying exact strategies and copying the exact ways other people are doing things. And I think that that can be a big Roadblock, because then you’re constantly not sure and yourself and looking for validation doing something exactly how someone else is doing it. But I think that having just like a bit of faith in your own intuition, and just like running with things and not worrying about not worrying about experience something, even if you’re not sure if it’s going to work and trusting trusting yourself. I think that like finding it Yeah, finding that balance helped me move a lot more quickly. Moving away from just like wanting to make sure I was doing everything correctly. And by the book of like, how someone’s cool for someone’s coaching was gonna was gonna validate for me and just starting to trust him trust my own skill, trust, my own experience, trust my own. trust my own ideas and creative and creativity. I think that Yeah, just having that kind of trust and confidence in yourself. helps a lot with that.

Chris McLean 14:30
Yeah, that self awareness is massive road is being aware of how do I prefer to operate? A lot of people can miss that early on. So I think it’s great that you’ve sort of managed to tap into that very early on. Now obviously, you’re still a young guy. So to get that sort of get some of that that was in pretty early on is pretty amazing. But yeah, that that self awareness of just recognising that, who I am doesn’t need to model or map against some Somebody else’s Instagram feed. Or again, a lot of it, you mentioned the sort of different courses and stuff. And we can tend to get bought into, while this guy says this is the way to do it. But we saw, I’ll just copy the way that he does it without necessarily trying to understand kind of the Bible or the the foundations, the fundamental thing underneath. So in peak performance, you’d have a saying that personality doesn’t scale, but biology scales. And so essentially, when you’re thinking about marketing, and business growth you want and hacks, right, hacks are kind of that personality. And a lot of the time when people are hacking, it’s from their very unique perspective, right, maybe they had a trust fund. So it made certain things easier, or they came from corporate and they had a lot of money in the bank, and it made it easier to execute certain things. If you don’t have that same set of resources, and you’re trying to copy that hack or copy that strategy or system, it just might not work for you. Or they might be a holiday and hard charger, a type personality. And you’re a super introvert, right? The same thing that worked for them just won’t work for you. So I think a lot of especially early, when we get started in business, and going down the self education path, and the self awareness, path and self development, we can can get caught into that thing of just copying exactly what somebody says to do without having that awareness, like you said of yourself, we’re able to take a step back and say, Okay, I can see what they’re saying, what does that mean for me? And how can I take that and put that into my system, my approach my way of doing things? And I think that’s a really, really key thing that you’ve sort of touched on really early, which is really, really cool. Going forward from here, sort of what 2021 in the next three years, next five years, what’s the sort of big plan for you to scale at the agency side? Are you finding what you’re looking to do both still this sort of coaching? And the the agency side enjoying both of them at the moment? Is there one? Like, maybe this is the future for me?

Liam Casey 17:10
Yeah, I’m definitely enjoying both at the moment. And I’m kind of just I’m not 100% sure, like, to be honest. Both are going really well at the moment. But I know that I can’t devote, like, I need to devote most of my energy to one. So I think that in the medium term, I need that, I think, yeah, in the media, like right now my main focus is getting the content built up for my course and coaching programme that’s taking up the majority of my time, and my agency is kind of just kind of maintaining the agency with where it’s been, which is awesome. And that’s the end is really, really good cash flow. But I know how scalable a course and coaching offer is. So as an agency, so I’m not I’m not 100%. So I definitely know, like, I’ve had this aspiration that I want to grow my agency, and eventually sell it kind of as a five year plan. But yeah, I don’t know, I’m always always changing my mind. And I’m always, I’m always a little bit scattered, scattered. Like, I like the idea of getting into like real estate investing and developments and things like that, too. So, um, and yeah, so I don’t know, who knows. But right now, the main focus is just Yeah, the coaching programme and the agency.

Chris McLean 18:32
Yeah, man, I think that’s I mean, I think, early on in your career, and as a business owner, and just as a human being, it’s super important to kind of just be curious in a bunch of different things and try a bunch of different stuff. Because life is a pretty long process. And it can take time to find that thing that is like, this is the thing that I really want to do. So now, I love what you’re doing. I think it’s really important that you do play in a few places, right? in five years time, you might decide to be a real estate mogul. Because you’ve, you’ve been in that industry, you’ve found the pathway, you’ve applied your knowledge to that, or your curiosities might take you somewhere completely different. So I think it’s important not to, it’s important to niche down and have priorities and all that kind of stuff. I think it’s also important to kind of play in a few different spaces that are sort of that intersected right. So there. Yeah, real estate. So make coaching real estate smma moving into real estate, there’s a synchronicity between all of that stuff, but the one thing that you choose to do, going forward could be a combination of all that could be something else there. So I like that approach of Yeah, I think even when you get to my age, right when you’re 30 4050 a lot of us still don’t know what we want to do. Sort of, No, nobody really knows what they’re doing out there. Everyone’s just kind of curious about something, you go and explore it and you go, I like doing this thing and that’s so you lean into those curiosities. And that’s where you sort of curate passion and you curate purpose. And that’s how you sort of develop a lifetime. That’s how you develop a career. So that, like the approach that you’re taking of trying a few different things out and sort of seeing what’s fit what fits. But in the meantime, both of those are really valuable. you’re serving people, you’re helping people grow their businesses, which is also a massively important thing to, to contribute, right. And to feel like you you’re adding value to other people. Exactly. Awesome, man, thank you for swinging by, it’s been a really interesting conversation, I didn’t expect it to sort of go off into the self awareness. purview, but then always really, really interesting. That’s obviously a massive curiosity for me is, know people’s mindset motivation. So tapping into who we are as human beings behind our businesses,

you can get quite locked into the business and the systems and the structures of the business and forget about ourselves. So it’s always important to have that, as you said, that lens of how am I showing up in the business? What do I actually want to do? And have that kind of radical self awareness around who you are day to day? And then that, that also helps guide kind of what you’re doing? Right?

Liam Casey 21:15
That’s Yeah, that’s the most important thing, in my opinion. I mean, the biggest bottleneck for most business owners is themselves and it all starts with them. So if if you don’t have your your own mind, right or your own, yeah, yourself, right, then the business isn’t gonna be right.

Chris McLean 21:29
Yeah. 100%. Love that, mate. If people want to find out more about you, coming to connect with you, there’s a couple things up on screen, but where’s the best place for people to come and find out more about you?

Liam Casey 21:41
Yeah, I mean, either, that that first link right there, the main place to get in contact me if you’re an agency owner, probably my facebook group, which if you follow that first link, there’ll be like a quick video to explain which Facebook group we will relevant for you, but it’s just called real estate sbma. It’s like one of the first ones if you type that up in Facebook, Instagram, it’s just lambed.kc. So you can connect with me on there. But yeah, those are the probably the two best places if you’re a real estate professional, and we’ve got a Facebook group as well called sales and social media. But that’s the main places if you want to check out my content, or get in contact with me.

Chris McLean 22:23
Also, my website is Liam MKC comm slash free group and all of those links will drop in the show notes. So you can click on those and go and connect to whichever group is relevant for you for where you at. Liam, appreciate you swinging by man. It’s been a really interesting chat. And I’ve already had a surf for the day, but what’s on the other rest of the day?

Liam Casey 22:43
I’ve got I’ve got a coaching call coming up straight after this. And then I’ve got some just some client work, few random meetings and then doing some filming. I’m filming for course content.

Chris McLean 23:00
Awesome, man jam packed day. I know you got to run. But I’m there. Thanks. Thanks for dropping by man. Appreciate your time. Have an awesome day. And thanks, everyone for tuning in. And we’ll catch you on the next one. Cheers. Thank you so much, Chris.

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