Meet Aaron & Justin from Vivific  (veye- viv -ick).

Vivific was founded in 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio, by two veterans Aaron Thomas, and Justin Dehetre who teamed up after leaving corporate life and military service respectively, to create what both men wanted to work on daily as a passion-focused career.

Starting out as a general service marketing agency, we’ve pivoted in 2021 to specifically focus on supporting only a few industries that we’ve gotten very good at delivering results for.

They believe strongly that at the core of America is the foundation of small businesses and the families who build them, keep our nation prospering.

Vivific clients, after all, are like family to us and we wouldn’t want this life without them.

Vivific offer a free 14 day trial of our CRMsoftwareand automation solution, plus we perform a full audit of the website and Google My Business at no cost.
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