Meet Javian Hodges from Prosper Enterprises.

Prosper help entrepreneurs sell more of their high ticket offers, programs, courses, and services online by partnering with their closers.

Super cool show where we tapped into the human side of sales. It’s easy to forget that sales is a human game, and that ultimately we want to help our prospects make the best decision forthem – whether that means working with us, or not.

Javian has a very heart-centered approach to helping his clients close more deals, by tapping into the unique needs of the buyer.

Understanding their challenges, motivations and considering the entire human behind the purchase decision.

Really enjoyed chatting to Javian, and I hope this shifts any blocks you may be facing around the back-end sales & conversion processes in your business.


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Twitter, IG, TikTik, Clubhouse: @javianhodges


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