Meet Julien Sicard from The Genius Group (formerly Genius Encel).

Genius Encel is the N°1 LinkedIn Marketing Agency in the world.

Launching a new client on LinkedIn is like launching a rocket into space. 

We always know what our final destination is, with the objective that we have fixed for our collaboration. 

During our journey, we always find a way to amplify the expected results. 

And as our universe is constantly expanding, it’s the same for businesses on LinkedIn: limits don’t exist.

Outsource your entire LinkedIn campaign and skyrocket your business.

Our end-to-end LinkedIn services include setting up your profile, managing your account and executing an on-going marketing campaign to win you more clients and build your influence.

This is for you if you’re time-poor, aren’t consistent with your LinkedIn strategy, or don’t know where to start.


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