On this episode, we delved into an area of agency life that was always challenging for me personally, and I think for many agency owners — and that’s bringing partners into your business.

We get very attached to “our business” and when it’s time to scale, bring in senior people and give away EQUITY!!!! The inner dialogue can be seriously confusing.

The battle between owning 100% of something good, or 50% of something amazing is often a tough spot for agency founders to work through.

It takes emotional regulation, careful consideration, and the right paperwork! Getting this phase of your business wrong can be disastrous; financially, emotionally and psychologically.

Janusz provides great insights into this process, from experience, and I really enjoyed this conversation as it’s an often undiscussed aspect of scaling that can trip a lot of people up.

Enjoy, soak up the wisdom, and learn from the mistakes of others, so you don’t have to trip yourself up in the same way 😉


Janusz is a coach and mentor to agency leaders across the globe through his coaching practice and consultancy, Digital Agency Coach, where he helps helping agency owners to run better businesses, lead better teams, make more money and have fun doing so.

He’s an ex-agency owner, a trusted speaker for Forbes, head coach at the GYDA Initiative and a lead coach for Google across multiple agency growth programmes throughout EMEA.


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