I know this might sound obvious, but business is a human endeavour.

Sometimes though, this is easy to forget as we get bogged down in the “business” (and busy-ness) of doing business.

Whether it’s your clients, staff, partners or network, doing business is all about the connections we have with other people.So you could say that relationships are the oxygen of your agency.

Better relationships, where you consider the real needs, preferences and motivations of your people – and the people you serve – supports tribalism, communitas and the social bonding we humans crave.

When you get this right in your agency, you’ll attract more aligned clients, build a high-performance team and create the space you need as the owner to spend your time doing what you love best (and what grows your business).

When you focus on the human side of your business and connect with the real, individual needs of your team, you create the autonomy, motivation & self-directed goals that drive optimal performance, flow and effectiveness.

This simple, but often overlooked aspect of managing your people, is a game-changer for productivity.Not only do your people perform better, but they’re also happier & more committed — all of which contribute to lower turnover, higher satisfaction and better culture.

Brilliant conversation with Jo McKee about how she gets the best from her team by providing the individual attention needed to let them work their own way, towards their own goals (aligned to project deliverables).

Meet Jo McKee from McKee Creative.

McKee Creative help reduce their clients’ mental load by ensuring every aspect of their digital marketing is operating perfectly.


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