In Business, as in Life, there’s a season for everything.

There’s a season for cultivating, for nurturing, for optimising, for stepping back and assessing the path ahead.

There’s also a season for gettin’ gritty as hell!

And this is often the first season for many agencies. Getting started takes hard work, diligence and grittiness.

But that’s how you create freedom, growth and success.

Matt Tanguay was in the midst of that season when we chatted on the show. And his grit, diligence and hustle are the right tools for him to grow his agency from where he’s at right now, to where he’s going.

Loved this chat, and exploring both sides of the argument for and against hustle, grind, recovery and efficiency.

Enjoy! Heaps in here for everyone, no matter which season your agency is in right now 🙂

Meet Matt Tanguay from Ecom Convert.

Matt is an Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist.

Matt’s passion and specialty is helping 7-8 figure ecom stores increase their conversions by improving their user experience.

From Matt:

As part of my work with my clients and my collaboration with agencies such as The GoodMobile1st and nventive, I have the privilege to audit the user experience of successful online stores, both large and small, in Canada, the US, and abroad.

My background is in IT consulting (analysis and programming) with various agencies and clients since 2001, such as Caisse de Dépôt et de Placement, Imagina, GFI Solutions, Medisys, Schering-Plough, Jean Coutu, and many more.

Besides business, my biggest passions are playing piano, and martial arts.


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