Think of the coolest 😎 person you know.

What makes them cool?

Why do you want to hang out with them?

Likely, it’s because they lift you up, make you feel great, add value to your life.

They’re not walking down the street selling you on how great they are.

The online space works exactly the same way.

Be the cool kid that your people want to spend time with.

Successful businesses are great at identifying heartfelt needs and providing genuine solutions.

For me, it’s about showing you that you can in fact do more, with less effort, and start to reclaim your life back.

Instead of hustling, grinding and working 16 hour days unnecessarily.

Another brilliant insight by Chris Williams of Elite Agency in our recent interview.

If you haven’t watched or listened yet, go check it out – this conversation probably has more value than your average $297 course!

Meet Chris Williams from Elite Agency.

Chris’ creative agency grows surgery groups in underserved communities.

He also teaches a mastermind on how to scale creative agencies to be more efficient, and a mastermind on launching a successful mastermind group in 8 weeks or less.

Chris also has a Facebook group, Elite Agency Inner Circle, that is focused on sharing best practices for creative agency owners who are committed to scaling and/or building their own masterminds.


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