So, I’ve been enjoying sneaking around reddit lately, to see what’s going on for people around productivity, discipline, self-sabotage etc.

I saw the following thread, and figured I’d throw some advice on the table.

I think this is something a lot of us experience during the transformation process, so I hope there’s some value and takeaways here for anyone who’s trying to build a more successful habit protocol – or achieve a big goal / overcome a challenge.

Original Post:

How do you actually work on your goals after you’ve -realistically and incrementally- set them?

Though it’s obvious how breaking goals into small increments helps, it seems to me like something else is missing.

I think I can set big goals and turn them into smaller goals, the tricky part however is when I decide to work on them each day. “I will do anything for success except working after it EVERY SINGLE DAY”

What are your thoughts on this type of behavior? Do you come accross this usually?

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Success Advice:

This is not uncommon behaviour, most people are not willing to commit to doing the hard work involved in actually turning their dreams (goals) into reality. So you’re not alone there 🙂

You pretty much sum up your own problem – and identify your own solution at the same time when you say “I will do anything BUT…..” If there’s a BUT, then clearly you are not willing to do ANYTHING to achieve what you want, right?

This BUT gives you an excuse – an out – to stay comfortable. The truth is change is difficult. Success is hard work – at least in the beginning.

However, I believe, willingness to do the hard thing to get yourself moving will pay off big in the end – as it builds a new baseline habit, and gives you the confidence in yourself that you can actually stick to your own word.

Not following through often leads to feelings of not being able to trust yourself. If you don’t inherently trust your own capabilities to do what you say you want to do, you open a rabbit hole of non-achievement.

The great thing you’ve done is to identify your first step! You might have heard the idea “The obstacle is the way”?! Well, you know what your obstacle is now – and therefore what your big opportunity for growth is.

Question: Have you actually ever worked on your goal for 7 days straight?

If you haven’t, how do you know you can’t do it? If you never even tried.

Can you lock away 90 minutes a day – first thing – to work on your goal? 45 mins? 15 mins?

Prioritise 1 goal for 7 days and do something on it every day – even if it’s reading a book, listening to an audio or podcast on the topic.

Pro Tip: Working on your goal doesn’t have to mean “doing the thing” – it can absolutely mean building your knowledge around the subject, watching some motivational videos, doing some planning, writing a journal. All activities related to making you better at the thing are just as valuable as doing the thing. Does that make sense? 🙂

But, try not to get stuck in “learning” mode all the time.

Eventually, you will need to do the thing, and get to work. But adding secondary activities to your schedule can break up the monotony of plugging away at the work.

Dedicate 7 days to 1 goal and see how you go. Track your thoughts along the way – this can be a gold mine of information and give you deep insights into what might be holding you back (eg: negative self-talk, belief systems etc).


What do you think? Good success advice? Have you come across this issue yourself?

If so, are you willing to commit to showing yourself what you are capable of?

To attain massive transformation, you must trust yourself. You must be confident in your ability to follow-through on your own decisions, goals and priorities.

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