Dear Procrastinator,

Here is a simple but effective mechanism for annihilating the most common cause of not getting shit done.

Procrastination is only ever one of 2 things:⁣

  1. Understimuation (Boredom)⁣
  2. Overstimulation (Anxiety)⁣

    You’ll find yourself in Boredom when your Skills and capabilities far exceed the Challenge of the task at hand.⁣

    Basically, the task is not engaging enough to grab your attention – think putting off a school algebra assignment. Ugh.⁣

    The Solution: Increase the Challenge by fabricating consequences (pay money to a charity you hate if you don’t get it done today) or creating time a restraint (do it before lunch).⁣

    When the Challenge slightly exceeds your Skills, you drop into the gorgeousness of the “Flow Channel” – the sweet spot where there’s just enough gamification to the task that we enjoy getting it done.⁣

    On the opposite end, Procrastination shows up as Anxiety (stress, overwhelm) when the Challenge far exceeds your Skills and capacity.⁣

    Think your first week at a new job, learning to juggle knives…⁣

    The Solution: Chunk down any overwhelming massive tasks into microscopic, manageable pieces. The smaller the better. The aim is to remove any friction in starting the first task.⁣

    Start the first task, then the next and so on. Often it’s analysis paralysis that causes procrastination here, so the easier and simpler the task, the quicker you’ll get going and find yourself dropping into the Channel.⁣

    That’s it! 2 super quick ways to assess WHY you’re procrastinating and switch into action mode to get more sh*t done! 💪⁣

    Now that you know, why do you most often procrastinate?
    Boredom or Anxiety?

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