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Chris McLean Conscious Transformation

Transmute Shock & Chaos Into Transformation.

Discover how to thrive in randomness, grow from adversity & elevate your personal performance so you can gain strength from chaos...

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I combine training, coaching & mentorship to help
Business Leaders
ritualise their daily habits 
so that they become mission-focused, make more money and operate at peak performance with reduced stress.

(Through Flow hacking & intentional mindset.)

Meet Chris McLean - Conscious Transformation Coach.

Chris McLean is a Conscious Transformation Coach & Mentor based in Melbourne, Australia.

A Certified Master Life Coach & Ho'oponopono practitioner, Marketer, Podcaster & Entrepreneur, Chris works with Self-Selected Leaders who are seeking the next evolution of their personal, business or career transformation.

Creator of the Intentional Chaos Protocolâ„¢, Chris helps Business Owners & Leaders to install transformative life change by developing daily habits & rituals that allow them to grow stronger from setbacks, chaos & unpredictability.

Following more than a decade of searching for the big answers to the big questions to get himself out of chaos, Chris brings vast experiences from business, marketing, life design, health & wellness, mental programming, coaching, mentoring & martial arts into his work.

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